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Five New Partners Join ‘Data for Road Safety’ Collaboration

The European Data Task Force (DTF) have announced that five new public and private members are joining the ‘Data for Road Safety’ Proof of Concept (PoC).

ASFINAG, Belgium – Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic, Highways England, Scania and NIRA Dynamics will further enhance road safety in Europe by bringing additional safety data to the partnership and enabling the dissemination of safety traffic information to more drivers.

Using the latest technologies, vehicles are able to detect and warn occupants about dangerous road conditions — for example, when roads are slippery. However, these warnings can also be beneficial to other drivers and road operators. In the DTF proof of concept, alerts generated by vehicles, along with infrastructure data, will be shared using a decentralised data collaboration architecture.

The Data for Road Safety PoC commenced on the 3rd June 2019 in Eindhoven when the founding twelve members of the Data Task Force signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which outlined the principle of reciprocity where safety data will be offered in return for safety services.

The DTF is open for more countries and companies to join the partnership to maximise the impact on road safety in Europe. The DTF’s PoC phase shall run until June 3rd 2020 which marks the first step to build a long-term safety data-sharing eco-system in the European Union for all partners.